How does YOUR business use its space effectively? Accordant can help you figure that out! Accordant is the most powerful tool available to manage every type of workspace, particularly a hybrid workspace. Our system is capable of easily helping you solve the challenges around making sure your space is being used effectively.   

Let’s review some common questions space managers ask about how to manage their hybrid space best:


Teams are back in the office. How should I track when they come in and where they are working?

Use the easy drag and drop functionality to create dynamic layouts, regardless of pattern and schedule. Live drawings will remain intact for daily staff accountability until approved and released for distribution. Every module in Accordant allows for the highest level of occupancy management.

Hybrid working occupancy planning


How do I confirm I have somewhere to work when going into the office?

Everyone on your team, even your guests, can select a bookable location via a web browser on their handheld device. The intuitive mydesk app displays available options, making desk booking simple and immediate.

Hybrid working desk booking


Can I scenario plan and even redesign the layout of my space before implementing a change?

Built-in schema planning allows for trialling new layouts for workspace testing before they go live. For moves and changes, move packs will make the transition seamless.

Change a floor plan layout


Can this solution help me predict and adjust for more or less space?

The intuitive Strategy module empowers users to predict and adjust for potential change in all business areas. Using the Stacker page, space planners can develop visual scenario plans and solve potential problems.

Hybrid working strategy planning


Flexible work schedules are the new normal. How does Accordant help us make sure space utilization is effective?

Strategize and scenario plan with in-built shift creation tools, allowing for work patterns and adjusted schedules. The stacker tool helps users visualize multiple options and outcomes.

Hybrid working shift planning


How can I better track utilization in a hybrid work environment?

We have inbuilt heatmap tools which track activity at any workspaces you like. This tests how that area on a floor is being utilized, and can also provide specific details on this. Analyze space type, totals by cost center, collaborative vs bookable desk, etc. Keep track of every moment in your hybrid workspace.

Hybrid working utilisation analysis


Are there best practices I should use to maintain a successful hybrid workplace?

Find out what works best for your business, and then translate that into what works best for your teams. Manage your hybrid workplace quickly and effectively with Accordant.

Hybrid working manage desk purpose

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