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The system that saves space professionals time and money – one desk at a time!

Helping people work smarter and faster in multiple fields for over 20 years:

Corporate / Industrial HQs, Higher Education, Government, Financial, Legal, Healthcare, Hospitality, Transport, Retail, and Service Providers.

The world’s most advanced workspace management system that delivers the necessary tools.

Get instant access to your data to manage space, track occupancy, and interpret utilization figures for better decision-making. We can help manage your workspace!

Accordant is:

  • Affordable for businesses with 100’s to 1000’s of employees
  • Priced by space managed instead of the number of users or modules
  • Easy to install on-site or as a hosted service, plus quick to set up with our client support specialists
  • Fast drawing uploads, spreadsheet templates, and 80% fewer polylines than with legacy systems
  • Hands-on training, tailored manuals, classes, and simple ‘how-to’ sheets
Occupancy view to manage your workspace

Accordant enthusiasts:

  • Report elevated efficiency of more than 30%
  • Put to use the limited access / read-only feature for less user error
  • Make fundamental administration changes without CAD training

What Accordant offers:

  • 100% web-based delivery system makes changes and creates reports
  • NO 3RD PARTY plug-ins are needed as Accordant is a stand-alone system
  • Solid space management with drill-down function
  • External feeds / APIs to incorporate everything from HR to sensor data
  • Drag and drop function for simple data control
  • Built-in and custom reports directly from the toolbar filter
Move management tools to manage your workspace

CAD and Accordant:

  • 80% less CAD time means more time to manage space instead of just measuring it
  • Smooth integration between the CAD management system and the Accordant database
  • ‘What-if’ scenario planning and 3-way upload links for data-to-desk drawings
  • Quick drawing input and roll-back using a fully featured drawing management system to manage your workspace