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provides instant access to the data you need to manage your workspace

Manage your workspace with the world’s most advanced workspace management system. All of the tools you need can be found in one place. This includes space and move management, occupancy tracking and utilisation data.

Licence and Support

Accordant is offered as an on-site install or as a hosted service.

Affordable solution for businesses of 100’s to 1000’s of employees.

Priced by space or desk quantity instead of number of users.

Quick implementation with rapid drawing uploads, optimal poly-lining and easy data load using spreadsheet templates.

Client support specialists.

Focused training classes for all modules.

Occupancy view to manage your workspace


Read only access for all means less errors.

Administrators can make changes without any CAD skills.

Users report efficiency increases in excess of 30%.

Accordant Software

Drill down functionality to accurately manage space.

Create external feeds for HR data and sensor information.

Make changes and create reports via a 100% web-based delivery system.

User-friendly, drag-and-drop functionality for visual representations of data.

Easily create built-in reports using the toolbar filter.

Accordant stands alone with no 3rd party plug-ins.

Move management tools to manage your workspace


Accordant’s drawing management system syncs directly with the Accordant database.

3-way upload links for data-to-desk drawings and ‘what if’ scenario planning.

Rapidly input drawings with DMSLMS.

CAD time decreased by 80% means you can manage your space instead of measuring it.