Accordant offers a utilisation survey tool with multiple inputs to help you track desk usage. As well as an inbuilt tablet solution as standard, Accordant integrates with sensor providers to give you as much information as possible. Sensors can provide reporting on daily usage of facilities, furniture and equipment. Incorporate this data into Accordant by retro-fitting desk sensors, IT network analysis, access systems and blue-tooth beacons. The Accordant tablet solution allows you to go one step further by logging ‘signs of life’ at a desk as well as activity analysis around the office.


Download the free Accordant Anywhere app, a utilisation survey tool included with the software, making your Android tablet a fully functional, automated replacement for traditional clipboard style surveying. Set up via the web, you can connect devices as needed to gather data for rapid interpretation and utilisation, quickly and inexpensively.

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Activity Analysis

Utilisation surveys should advise whether a position is in use. With Accordant Anywhere clients record up to 30% of data as ‘signs of life’. Our unique activity analysis feature lets you record any activity on the floor. Produce collaboration statistics on areas hosting informal ‘water cooler’ meetings, or find problem areas where lack of privacy is an issue.

Utilisation survey tool

Download the Survey Brochure

Survey Brochure


A comprehensive range of reports, including the extremely popular heat map, are included as standard. Download measurements directly from the website into Excel for your own analysis. Custom reports can also be commissioned to provide highly specific targeted outputs for workspace consultants. 

Meeting Rooms

Proper use of meeting space remains a challenge for many. Determine use against bookings while accounting for desks which are not being utilised. Accordant Anywhere has an out-of-box system, allowing you to determine amounts of people in a meeting, record activity, and then analyze usage against purpose and capacity.