Gather utilisation and activity data using an Android tablet, for quick results at minimal cost

There are many ways of determining actual daily use of your facilities and, increasingly, furniture and equipment manufacturers provide sensors to report usage. You can use this data with Accordant and also incorporate retro-fitted desk sensors, IT network analysis, access systems and blue-tooth beacons… But what if you don’t have any these yet or need data that they can’t provide?
Measure how your space is being used with tablet surveys
Produce & share heat maps, graphical visualizations and text reports
Understand new work habits and patterns
Early recognition of utilization improvement opportunities


The Accordant Anywhere app is free to download. It makes your Android tablet a fully functioning, automated, graphical replacement for the traditional clipboard type of survey. Simply set up surveys on the web to determine what you want to study. Then connect as many devices as you need to go and gather the data. In the last five years, over 20 million samples have been taken. This has given organisations throughout the world, high quality utilisation quickly, easily and inexpensively.
Space Utilisation

Activity Analysis

When surveying workspace the key question is if a position is in use. One of the most interesting readings is "signs of life", which typically accounts for 30% of all data recorded. Activity analysis allows you to observe any activity at any point on a floor. This helps to account for the signs of life measurement and provides additional insight into how the workspace is being used.You can also produce statistics on collaboration and informal meetings as well as finding problems with areas like privacy.


You can download all of the measurements taken directly from the website to Excel for your own analysis. With a comprehensive range of standard reports provided on the system including our extremely popular “heat maps”. Custom reports can also be commissioned including highly specific, branded outputs for workspace consultants who use the system to analyse data for others as part of their service line.
Utilisation Heat Map
Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms

Use of meeting spaces is something that challenges most organisations. Determining use against bookings or accounting for where people are when not using desks can be difficult. Accordant anywhere has meeting-place specific tests set up out-of-the-box. This allows you to determine the number of people in a meeting, record the type of activity and then analyse this afterwards against the room’s purpose and capacity.

The Human Touch

A lot of workspace consultants use Accordant Anywhere to provide the raw data for their analysis of a client's workspace. This is often done alongside other data gathering means (such as sensor equipment) but in addition to speed and simplicity, the thing that we hear most about what they like about AA is the ability to pose and record ANY question that they want answered without the ON/OFF constraints of some systems. Sometimes it seems a human being is the best method for judging something – we just help out where we can.

Simple, Quick and Inexpensive

The key to the success of Accordant Anywhere is that it gets you the data that you need now. There are some things that you may want to get from sensors at a later date but before you start a lengthy project and allocate a considerable chunk of resources you may need to acquire some good quality data quickly without breaking the bank. It helps if you are already an Accordant user but frequently tests are done for non-Accordant users which involve renting a cloud-based system for a week or two, inputting floor data and setting up tablets for the tests. Frequently this involves setting everything up for a brand new user during one week and then doing the tests the next week!