Our utilization survey tool is tailored to make analyzing space simpler than ever before.

An inbuilt tablet for utilization surveys with multiple inputs comes standard to track desk usage. Additionally, our system uses sensors (either current or retrofit) to gather additional data about the locations in your office. IT network analysis, access systems and bluetooth beacons take your data further, logging ‘signs of life’ and activity around the office.


Using android tablets is an effective replacement for the traditional clipboard-style surveying. This will instantly upload the survey results into our system, and can also be extended to several devices.

Combining the benefits of moving around the space, and making sure there are no human errors entering the data digitally. With Accordant, surveying is the easiest it’s ever been, whilst remaining incredibly detailed and effective.

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Activity Analysis

Accordant allows you to collect dynamic data about your office and how it is being utilized.

Rather than just marking whether a location is used or not, you can record ‘signs of life’. Our clients often record data showing up to 30% occupancy at otherwise ‘vacant’ desks.

Our system even allows you to record popular areas of the office and how they are used. This is useful to look at the kitchen area being used for informal conversations, for example.  

Utilisation survey tool

Download the Survey Brochure

Survey Brochure

Reporting on surveys

The visually descriptive heat map is standard in Accordant’s comprehensive range of reporting.

Download measurements directly into Excel for analysis, interpretation and distribution, whilst simultaneously creating reports within the system.

We are also able to provide you with customized reports to share with managers and consultants.

Meeting Rooms

This tool extends to meeting locations as well, documenting these against any bookings to get an accurate picture of utilization.

The Accordant Anywhere out-of-the-box solution helps determine how many are in a meeting and record room activity. Subsequently, you are then able to analyze use against purpose and capacity.

Without a doubt, our utilization survey tool can handle all of your needs.