No one predicts the future, but Accordant prepares you for its possibilities. The intuitive Strategy module features allow you to attach and predict possible conditions for growth, reduction of staff, and even addition of space to any area.

Pinpoint possible areas of concern as you better understand the effects of changing conditions on capacity against square footage. This type of data can be reviewed, arranged by project, and stored into reports for further analysis to best plan a workspace strategy for the future.

Plan for scalability

Problem Preparedness

Create multiple scenarios, whether by headcount, workstation availability, or floor. Choose a specific location or building to identify problem areas where space limitations become an issue.

View current vs revised floor by floor comparisons to avoid situations like desk count against current staff.

Let’s Get Stacking

Drag and drop whole departments for a clear visual depiction of occupancy against capacity. Drill deeper, using a variety of space options to move teams, departments and divisions before these changes go live.

Introduce the possibility of flexible space, even create new or altered building plans, to eliminate crisis points before they occur.

Strategy stacker

Plan your workspace strategy with visual charts

Download the Strategy Brochure

Strategy Brochure
Best practices

Document Best Practices

Assign and report on best practice values against critical metrics like density and agile ratios. Provide extensive and detailed reporting to help make simple comparisons by campus, estate, building, division, or department.

This is complemented by creating documents around changes made and could be helpful when looking into future changes. Always ensure you are up to date on your workspace strategy with us.

Make the Move Happen

Once accommodations for an increase / decrease in people / space are approved, it’s easy to convert the plan to a move. With approval for reconfigurations, use the move module to directly schedule relocations that both documents and implements moves and changes.

This can be made even easier, as strategy projects can be directly linked to move projects.

Convert strategy to move jobs

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