Putting you in full control of your Space, whether you are a small company or a multi-national

If you need to comprehensively account for and/or chargeback space, you’ll find an unparalleled toolkit in Accordant's Space management software that can remove up to 80% of the work needed to measure space with all other CAFM tools. Of course, you can link the system to your CAD drawings but don’t worry, if you don’t have CAD we’ve still got you covered. Visually allocate space and quickly change allocations when you need to.
Easily view departmental use, vacancy and availability
Navigate floor plans to drill into detailed room and use data
Summarize key metrics by country, portfolio or individual buildings
Create and manage agile / flexible work spaces
Affordable & user-friendly space management software

Floor plans With No CAD

Not everyone has CAD drawings, so we introduced the idea of using a simple image as an alternative. With Release 10 we have taken this even further, Accordant is the first space management system that allows you to input images or PDF’s. You can then mark them up to give you fully functioning floor plans with no CAD at all!
Floor Plans with no CAD
Agile Spaces

Agile/Flexible Space

In today’s work-space the idea of one person associated with one desk full time is in decline, but finding the right space management software to manage this can be difficult. Accordant was the first to address this with our agile planning system. Release 10 makes it even easier for any user to create and manage agile areas. Of course, it still supports the traditional desk assignment tools too.

Space Allocations & Purpose

As well as the traditional way of allocating space Accordant also gives users the flexibility to categorise space by type and subtype (user defined or using BOMA, RICS, OSCRE etc). You can also automatically split areas between assigned objects (like desks) without the need for drawing and maintaining unnecessary poly-lines. Specify a purpose, such as Storage, Office etc or for healthcare users Clinical vs Non-Clinical (completely independent of type and assignment).
workspace reports


As with most CAFM systems Accordant uses the industry standard SQL database and reporting tools. Accordant also has an internal mark-up language that produces high quality, drawing-based reports. Once saved to the system, reports can be selected and run for specific floors, buildings and departments, directly from a Web page, with no need to use CAD at all.

Balance Checking

Balance Checking
It’s been over 10 years since Accordant introduced the concept of space balancing to the world. Before that, it was easy to make mistakes and either spend hours looking for the errors or simply adjust figures to suit a lease total. With our innovative solution, much like an accounting balance, we add up the “supply” and “demand” side of the equation to quickly pinpoint areas of mismatch. Accordant is the only space management software that produces consistently accurate reports and makes it easy for you to account for every square foot of space in your organistion.

Optimal Poly-lining

Traditional space management systems require users to draw poly-lines around every single object which consumes space, a task that requires specialist skills and is both time-consuming and prone to error. Whilst Accordant supports this method for legacy drawings, it allows you to augment this with our unique, optimal method, which removes the need for 80% of the line-drawing work. It’s a simple, elegant solution that has ensured that millions of square meters of our clients estates have been accurately measured and reported in a fraction of the time needed for 20th century methods.