Comprehensively account for and chargeback space with an unparalleled toolkit that removes up to 80% of the work needed to accurately manage space. Easily create visual reports that include space types, purposes and allocations. Accordant’s space management software can directly link to existing CAD drawings, or if you don’t work with CAD, we have an import function for image and PDF input.

Space Allocations and Purpose

Accordant provides users with the flexibility to categorise space by type and subtype. Automatically split areas between assigned objects without drawing unnecessary poly-lines. Specify a purpose, such as storage or office, clinical vs non-clinical, etc. independent of type and assignment. Apart from the initial upload of a CAD drawing, all other assignments are completed via a web-browser.

Agile and Flexible Space

Today’s workspace no longer associates one desk with one person. Accordant was the first to address an agile planning system and our latest release makes it even easier to create and manage space. We still offer traditional desk assignment tools and encourage you to use a variety of methods depending on the space available.

Space Management Software

Download the Space Brochure

Space Brochure

Optional CAD Drawings

Although CAD drawings are ideal to work with when managing your space, if you don’t have them, we offer a simple alternative. Accordant is the first space management software to allow the input of PDF’s and other images that can be marked up for full functionality to manage floor plans.


Accordant uses the industry standard SQL database and reporting tools, with an internal mark-up language that produces high quality, drawing based reports. Once a drawing is uploaded, select a report directly from a web page, based on specific floor, building and/or department. We offer a number of standard reports but have the capability to incorporate your existing reports as needed.