Accordant’s space management software provides an easy-to-use toolkit that can remove up to 80% of your space management work. You have the capability to account for, and chargeback, all your space easily. Then create reports on space types, purposes and allocations, all in one place.

Trust Accordant to help you effectively manage your workspace.

Assign space allocations and purposes

Space Allocations and Purpose

Take your space management one step further with Accordant. Categorize the workspace by type or subtype, splitting areas between assigned objects without those unnecessary polylines.

Specify the purpose of a usable space (storage, office, clinical, non-clinical) independent of type or assignment. Apart from the initial CAD upload, all other tasks are completed through a web browser. Our system is quick to implement, straightforward, and accessible to all.

Agile and Flexible Space

Regardless of your workspace changing from strict assignment to open plan, staff may still crave their own safe space. Accordant was the first to address agile planning systems. Our system allows you to create agile and flexible space in seconds, letting you try this in your workspace.

With every update and release, the Accordant’s method for creating and managing space makes it easier to achieve amazing results. We also continue to offer traditional desk assignment tools. Whatever your workspace looks like now, we can help you manage it.

Agile and flexible space

Space Management Software

Download the Space Brochure

Space Brochure
CAD floor plan

No CAD? No Problem!

Accordant has a simple alternative when CAD renderings are unavailable. Our robust technology allows for the input of PDFs or images to be uploaded, marked up, and fully functional for floorplan management in no time.

So, you can have your floor plans uploaded, marked up and usable in no time at all. This features tools to make sure measurements are accurate, and any future floor plans can be easily registered. Our space management software can cater to all.

Reporting and Mark Up

Accordant uses the industry standard SQL database and reporting tools, with an internal mark-up language, to produce high quality, drawing based reports.

Once uploaded, users can select a report based on the floor, building, or department. While Accordant offers extensive standard reporting, we have the expertise to incorporate and customize as needed.

Reporting and mark up