Sodexo Case Study

The client:

Sodexo, working for the UK’s largest public service Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).


“Accordant was the right size, the right weight, the right tool and the right price”

The challenge:

In 2019, Sodexo was awarded a pilot project contract, issued by the DWP, for 40 buildings in their vast portfolio. They were tasked with updating spreadsheets with antiquated data.

They were to take existing CADs and extract information to achieve more accurate measurements, whereby integrating that data into a more efficient tracking system.

The goal was to provide granular level details on space utilization and allocation of assets. Sodexo would ultimately earn the management privileges of more than 700 buildings in the DWP portfolio, providing improved property management strategies.

The story:

Property Portfolio Strategy Manager Peter Faulkner sought the advice of a trusted Consultant and Advisor for guidance on which direction to turn for this project that had no precedence.

With no hesitation, he was pointed to CadM’s Accordant and its’ suite of space planning modules. According to Mr. Faulkner, ‘…space and how it’s planned is my bag…” and CadM presented him with the modules he needed to formulate quality recommendations to the DWP.

“We knew what kind of hammer we needed, and we went out to find said hammer to crack the nut. Although we reviewed a number of solutions, Accordant was the right size, the right weight, the right tool and the right priced hammer to extract space data from existing and antiquated plans to use in numerous ways in different parts of the organization.”

It was important to DWP to have a system that allowed them to track: which departments and divisions were allocated to which space; to best manage locations; know what assets they had and where they were located. The system also had to run without adding employee information into it.

The CadM implementation team was able to do customisations for DWP. These included tailored dashboards, reports, views for locating sanitary facilities and a custom survey interface for desk booking.

The outcome:  

The pilot project of 40 sites was expanded to 80 sites following a detailed review with DWP on the improved data and extracted details.

Now wholly managing the complete 720 buildings in the portfolio, Sodexo continues to update the system with new plans to achieve a 100% influx of details, combining space data collected from other departments.

Sodexo is creating practical strategies for the DWP to guide future planning for: restacking of buildings; elimination of buildings; testing usage of buildings, etc.

When COVID restrictions became an issue, Sodexo were pleased to hear that the Accordant toolkit was being upgraded with specific planning around distancing, health and safety measures.

The space management tools allowed a quick and easy view of seats 2m apart (the UK government recommended distance) to be used across several buildings allowing employees to continue working where needed but at a safe distance.

Sodexo is now working to integrate Covid implemented systems for improved tracking and tracing.

The future:

Sodexo is excited to share the type of quality information they garnered from utilizing the powerful technology built into the Accordant platform.

Although DWP requirements were quite specific, Mr. Faulkner anticipates that as the process gets easier and more detailed in its’ outcomes, other Sodexo clients will experience the value of the Accordant software.

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