Working out future occupancy involves time and effort. Plan your workspace strategy with Accordant’s tools to simplify the process. Define projects and attach conditions for growth and/or reduction in staff and space. Identify effects on capacity or pinpoint crisis points before they happen. With an array of visualisations, it is easy to see when and where problems will arise, creating a plan to overcome them.

Pin-point Crisis Points

Establish scenarios for your workspace strategy based on headcount or availability of work stations in order to understand effects to a specific area. Forward thinking scenario planning allows for precise identification of areas where space limitations might exist. View a floor by floor comparison so you know exactly where the crisis will take place. Our executive level tools also allow you to get a full overview of your portfolio to establish desk count against current employees.

Stacker Tool

Drag-and-drop departments on a visual stack against capacities per floor. Quickly introduce flexible space or create new buildings to eliminate crisis points in capacity. Drill deeper into different types of space with easy on/off filters to ensure any changes you make can be implemented. View department and division breakdowns to easily move people within established team perimeters.

Plan your workspace strategy with visual charts

Download the Strategy Brochure

Strategy Brochure

Best Practice and Metric Reporting

Plan your workspace strategy with cutting edge tools. Assign ‘best practice’ values to key metrics like density and agile ratios, providing extensive metric reporting via comprehensive strategy tools. Quickly make comparisons by estate, building, division or department for an improved understanding of where changes will be most effective.

Convert to Move Job

Easily identify crisis points and create a reorganisation to accommodate the increase or decrease in people or space. With reconfiguration approved, plans instantly convert into move jobs. Directly schedule relocations using the Move Module to both document and implement moves and changes.

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