Manage your workspace with exceptional functionality in the Accordant occupancy tracking software. This powerful tool means you can effectively plan for tomorrow by identifying where vacancy is today!

We have made our system straightforward so that you can track and audit occupancy efficiently and effectively. Create documentation to share with your teams before implementing any ‘live’ changes. Occupancy tracking is simple with the power of Accordant.

Assign vacancy information to individual desks

Understanding Vacancy

Our system enables you to not only track vacancy but to define it. Assign vacancy reasons, e.g. an anticipated new hire or equipment use only, so your data remains accurate. Vacant desks are automatically marked as occupied when a team member is assigned, keeping the seated-to-desk ratio accurate in real-time.

Accordant provides several reports that break down vacancy reasons so that occupancy tracking remains current and up to date.

Track Occupancy

Accordant provides instant block and stack overviews that visually break down overall space. Create reports that reflect space details, including occupancy, vacancy, and more.

Occupancy tracking is stress free, as the software allows you to view stats on any floor plan. Review and share detailed information with your team from one powerful tool.

Track occupancy on a floor plan

Occupancy tracking software

Download the Occupancy Brochure

Occupancy Brochure
Special locations in and out of the office

Special Locations

The special location status allows authorized users to ensure that each team member is accounted-for. Specials define unusual situations, from those on maternity leave to employees lacking a fixed position.

Drag and drop functionality lets you move people from an assigned desk to a special location, and then back as necessary. Specials provide immediate access to, and organization of, people, workspace, and reports.

Delegated Monitoring

Delegate occupancy tracking capabilities to your users for real-time updates of selected areas.

Control who gets access to what areas and allow them to make small changes as needed. Monitoring keeps everything up to date and keeps information current and valid. Updates can be made once or several times to suit your needs.

delegated monitoring