Make the most of your space, with vital up-to-date information about your occupancy and vacancies

Understanding who is using each of the many places that you have defined as workspaces, what you have spare today and how this will change in the future is crucial to an effective space management system. Our simple to use, delegated system means you can make sure that this is correct and have confidence in the data thanks to our extensive tracking and audit features.
Real time information sharing of layouts, vacancy and allocations
Access to accurate seating plans
Support agile / flexible work spaces
Easily monitor actual use using mobile floor walking app
Accurately measure space types, area usage and recharge amounts

Vacancy Reasons

The fact that no one is recorded at a desk, doesn’t mean it’s free. Delegated monitoring allows users to specify locations that are being reserved to store equipment or awaiting a new hire. Information is accurate, up-to-date, and displayed graphically to make workspace planning  easy and effective.
Vacancy Reasons
Office Occupancy

Occupancy Tracking

Data is produced from a variety of sources and normally linked to HR changes exported from popular systems like Work Day. You need a simple block-and-stack overview of how your space looks. Accordant gives you this on a web page with the ability to zoom in on key parts of your space, set alarms for minimum and maximum occupancy and view the blocks in unoccupied, true vacancy and departmental views.

Special Locations

In Accordant a location (usually a desk) refers to “where someone or something is”. It is increasingly the case that people need to be accounted for when they are not at a place shown on a floor plan. It could be that they are on long-term leave or simply assigned to a small branch office with no floor plans. Whatever the situation, Accordant has developed user-defined special locations to make it easy to manage.
Special Locations

Delegated Monitoring

delegated monitoring
We don't licence per user, so you can manage which people need which tools.Simply create a limited account to let them update their areas and manage what is going on with their space. The drag-and-drop interface is intuitive and easy-to-use so you can get people up-and-running straight away.


History Trends
Accordant allows you to automatically take regular snap-shots of your space so you can analyse trends over time. In addition to polling stakeholders about future requirements you can compare with growth over previous periods. This will give you a better idea of requirements for the future. Some support services (e.g. IT) may not have a direct idea of how their growth will look. It will be “pulled” by the requirements of front-of-office functions but with past data in all functions you can better understand these complex relationships.


Accordant records each re-assignment of a person to any area, which is crucial for a delegated system. View these statistics in a dedicated screen in the Occupancy module. They are grouped by area, user, department or time to provide a clear picture of activity. This also makes it easy to identify and fix problems.