Occupancy tracking software that enables you to quantify defined workspaces. Understand what is vacant and garner an improved understanding for crucial and effective future workspace planning. It’s a simple to use system that you can have data confidence in via extensive tracking and audit functionality. Occupancy data can be easily kept up-to-date and made viewable to the whole organisation in a read only format.

Vacancy Reasons

Instantly view desks not in use and assign a vacancy reason. Accordant allows users to reserve locations for a variety of reasons, such as equipment storage or an anticipated new hire. Once a person is moved to a desk, it is automatically changed to an occupied desk. Accurate, up-to-date, graphic displays make occupancy tracking easy and effective.

Occupancy Tracking

HR can monitor changes from multiple systems. Accordant gives you a simple block and stack overview of your space with functionality to zoom in on certain areas, set alarms for occupancy and view unoccupied or vacant blocks. CadM’s occupancy tracking software allows you to quickly create up-to-date reports of occupancy information for distribution to your team.

Occupancy tracking software
Download the Occupancy Brochure
Occupancy Brochure

Special Locations

A location does not have to mean a physical desk. Keeping track of employees not in the office is just as important. Whether on leave, working remotely, or using shared space, a user-defined ‘special’ location makes this process easy to manage. A person can be moved to a floor plan location at any time with a quick drag and drop.

Delegated Monitoring

Create a limited account for real time updates to certain parts of your workspace. Allow small changes to be made to a department or floor by someone who is present at the location to keep all data accurate. A unique drag-and-drop interface means little training for easy occupancy tracking and reporting.