Facility managers everywhere are still working on strategies to get people back into the office. Using Accordant’s mydesk, staff can easily book their own desk or pre-authorised workspace via a simple mobile application. The app was created with HTML5, and therefore capable of operating on Android, Apple and Microsoft Devices. It is simple to set up and configure. Easy to use, it is included within the standard Accordant subscription at no additional cost. Existing users can add the app, and almost immediately start booking workspace.

Book a Hot Desk

Allow employees to book a hot desk or hotel desk directly from their mobile device. Search for available desks in a particular building or floor to quickly identify available positions. Social distancing is taken into account with helpful traffic light colour indications of conditions that would not meet pre-set rules regarding safe practices.

Book My Desk

Occasionally, teams may need to meet outside of normal shift patterns. To ensure social distancing perimeters, employees see a calendar of their own desk against available time slots. This allows them to use their work area without breaking safe distancing regulations.

Download the Back to Work Toolkit Brochure

Back to Work Brochure

Finder Module

Quickly find people, assets, rooms and locations from your mobile device using the Finder module in mydesk. This allows for basic functionality of the enhanced web module. Contact information for employees or locations of assets is visually displayed for easy identification.


Create a list of collaborators so that you can easily share bookings with others. Managers can assign booked desks to their staff, or to teams needing to collaborate. Pre-set rules ensure they are close enough to work together, whilst still being socially distanced.