Use the power of the mydesk booking app to organize booking systems from the palm of your hand. Created with HTML5, the app can be downloaded on any mobile device to book your seat location, whether a hot desk or workspace.

The mydesk app is a standard feature within every Accordant subscription, so your staff can instantly reserve their desk of choice from any available space.

Mydesk tablet survey tool

Comfortable Distancing

The Accordant desk booking app visually identifies desks that are safe and which are not. These perimeters can be easily adjusted to fit distancing rules that provide comfort around a safe space.

You can then choose where you want to sit on the floor plan and book the desk in two clicks.

Find People, Places and Things

This app also comes with a finder module built in, allowing you to find any of your staff and see where they have booked.

Finder provides contact information for each employee, keeping them accessible to co-workers, even if they’ve booked a desk out of sight.

Finder mobile tool

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Points of interest to be shown on reports

Create Automated Reporting

Add points of interest like the location of health and safety equipment to an existing floorplan.

Visual icons and directional arrows display new locations of assets or a change in movement along corridors. Adjust perimeters based on the need to create automated distancing reports and vital points of interest.

Reserved for You

Another key feature of the Accordant desk booking app allows you to book your desk, not just for a day but make an extended period. You can reserve your desk for up to 30 days, securing that space for any day you want to be in the office.

By setting distancing standards for other bookable desks around you, you can feel safe working in the office.

Scheduling screenshot for desk booking

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