Regular churn, office relocations or “what if” scenario planning makes executing moves as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

Office moves and changes are a fact of life so it makes sense to try and make this as simple and painless as possible. Accordant’s Move management software has been around for over 15 years and has executed hundreds of thousands of moves from single employees right up to major office relocations from New York to London to Tokyo. It works because it’s easy to master and produces PDF format graphical plans at a single mouse click so everyone stays informed. Accordant will deliver you zero-mistake moves every time.
Visualize moves using easy to understand floor plans
Develop multiple move scenarios for a single space
Easily produce and share plan documents for review and approval
Smoothly transfer the new move locations to the live floor plans
Include equipment and furniture in your move plans

Drag & Drop Interactive Plans

If you know how to drag and drop, you know how to set up a move project. Many of today’s CAFM tools require many forms, clicks and actions just to move a single person. Accordant was designed to be different. You can set-up, plan and even action a 100 person move in just a few minutes. Many of our users have described the process as one that “turned days of work into a few hours”.
Drag and Drop
People and Assets

Move People & Assets

Each move instruction can contain any number of additional objects to travel with a person (or on their own). IT equipment stationed at the same location as a mover can automatically be recognised and added to the job. A basic survey can then be created so that locations can be checked before the move. Just like the people moves, it’s a one click operation for an authorised user to implement the strategy and move everything to the correct new places.

"What if?" Scenarios

Create unlimited basic accounts, each with free reign to plan moves and changes without affecting the live system. New users pick up the basic tools very quickly and can start to build scenarios and options. Solve a problem in ten different ways, action the approved plan and ignore the other nine. Think of it as a one-stop-shop for move management and strategic planning!
Multiple Input

Automated Documentation

Build point to point moves like you used to in Excel and export to a spreadsheet. Produce marked up plans to show exactly where people and objects are moving from and to. Making the documentation easy to produce means the plans are quick and simple to revise. If people change their minds the day before, create and send new documentation in a few short clicks. Errors and inconsistencies become easy to spot and rectify.

Schedule Tracking

Move Dashboard
Each individual move line can have its own date scheduled – as soon as a date is added the items in a job start to appear on the move dashboards and in the building-by-building schedule analysis. Using these tools, you can have teams of move planners working together with an up-to-the minute view of how many others are being moved on a given date. As time passes, you can view the historical data to analyse activity and churn as well as using the costing model to track costs.

Multiple Input Formats

You can build moving projects by searching for items in the database of course but you can also start a move by just dragging and dropping. Additionally, the module has a spreadsheet import feature so if someone sends you a move laid out in Excel you can import this directly and match to names and desks recorded in the system. You don’t even need to define a template (though this helps) you simply tell the system what is in each column and it will try to match up records.