Moves and changes are always happening in the workplace, taking multiple attempts to get right. Keep it simple with proven move management software. From single person adjustments to major office relocations, Accordant has managed hundreds of thousands of moves across the globe. Easy to master, Accordant produces PDF format graphics in real time, keeping everyone up to date on staff locations.

‘What if?’ Scenarios

Create unlimited accounts with free reign to plan moves and changes, without affecting the live system. Even the newest user can quickly build scenarios for problem solving initiatives and strategic planning. Incorporate full costs and services into your move project to understand the full impact.

Drag and Drop

If you can drag and drop, you can manage a move project. Accordant is different from most CAFM tools. You can set up, plan and activate moves in minutes. Our users revel in a process that turns days of work into hours. With last minute changes it is easy to update your plan and redistribute your documentation.

Move management software to visually plan moves

Download the Moves Brochure

Moves Brochure

Automated Documentation

Easily document plans, quickly make revisions, and export information into spreadsheets for review. No other move management software includes a full range of reports, including move packs and supplier spreadsheets. You can supply different teams with only the information they need. If plans change, create and distribute new documentation with a few clicks, making it easy to spot inconsistencies and quickly rectify the data.

Move People and Assets

Move instructions detail objects that travel with each mover or are to be moved on their own. When moving people it is easy to quickly add any assets from their previous location and surrounding areas. Surveys are created to check and confirm each location prior to occupancy with a click from an authorised user who implemented the strategy and made the plan.

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