Accordant has successfully managed thousands of moves, from a single person desk reassignment to a significant staff relocation. Quick to implement and easy to master, Accordant produces PDF graphics in real-time, keeping everyone current on staff positioning.

This module allows you to add and place movers, create documents, and confirm all changes are live, all in one place. Accordant’s move management software makes the challenges of a constantly changing workplace a simple task.

Move module floorplan

‘What if?’ Floorplans

Experiment with countless options that have zero effect on a live system when strategizing moves and changes.

When developing problem solving initiatives, create multiple scenarios incorporating cost, savings, and services that might be affected. Save and share multiple options so everyone can interpret its impact before a ‘go live’ scenario. Our move management software lets you prepare for whatever might come next.

Easy Moving Capabilities

Can you drag an icon from one screen area and drop it onto another?

Then you’ve completed a moving job using Accordant!

Our simple drag and drop system means you can relocate people and assets in seconds. This can subsequently cut down the time spent on moves from days to minutes.

Also, our tool allows you to move people around whilst planning. This gives your move manager freedom to explore different seating patterns.

Drag and drop functionality

Move management software to visually plan moves

Download the Moves Brochure

Moves Brochure

A range of automated documentation

Automated Documentation

Create documents with a single click using the Accordant system. It’s a simple, straightforward process to verify every detail of a pending move or change.

These documents can also be created and recreated at any stage of the project, always keeping you up to date. So, trust that all the documents you need will be accurate, robust, and instant.

You can also add any user you want to the list of people who receive move related documents, and choose which documents they receive.

Move People and Assets

Accordant’s movepacks give details about exactly who is moving and where they are moving from/to. This keeps everyone informed on all the details they need. So, authorized users can also add in objects/assets from where the employee was originally located.

Moves also includes a survey tool to be able to verify any assets involved without leaving the move. There are so many intelligent features included in this one module. Evidently, all elements of any move are covered by our move management software.

Move people and assets

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