May, June and July 2021

July Newsletter

What Happened Last Quarter

Welcome back to work from wherever you were working… 2021 has been ANYTHING but ordinary for us all!

New Office Opening

CadM is pleased to announce the opening of our very first Australian office!

Located on the world famous Sydney Harbour, the team will be focusing on both new implementation work and supporting our existing clients in Australia and New Zealand.

Working with our Australian partners Progenesis, we hope to expand the Accordant client base even further.

As companies in every country develop their ‘Return to Office’ strategies, CadM is positioned to easily help.

Introducing the Head of Customer Experience

The CadM team is excited that Sharon Miller Trackman is taking on the role of Head of Global Customer Experience. In addition to her being a creative voice behind our content distribution, she will liaise with clients, partners and prospects to ensure their CadM journey is nothing but spectacular.

7 things to know about Sharon Miller Trackman

7. Activity: I’m an Avid CrossFit enthusiast, even though I’ve got awful knees.
6. Creativity: Who do you think writes a lot of the thought provoking content we post?
5. Positivity: Always look forward because the past is just that…the past.
4. Passion: I have a deep sense of love and loyalty for my family, my friends and my felines (Shifrah and Loki).
3. Something most people don’t know about me: I had an imaginary family who lived in a small orange suitcase. We had incredible adventures, but they’ve since moved on.
2. Favorite movie(s): Eddie and the Cruisers, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and Glengarry Glen Ross.
1. Life lesson: You only die once!

What’s New

Latest release: 10.7.8

Network Survey Tools
For many years, Accordant has supported the mapping of data outlets / jacks to desks primarily fed from additional layout drawings. With the new Network Survey extensions, lists of jacks and desks can be directly input and viewed on a report to show IDF / Stack connections on a floor. For users whose teams mainly log in to wired network connections, this has the added benefit of being able to poll infrastructure tools like ServiceNOW and accurately position people at the desk where they were last discovered, completely automating names-to-desks and utilisation reporting.

FSI Interface
The connectivity between Accordant and FSI’s award winning CAFM platform Evolution have been enhanced to include the new building bootstrapper. This feature enables a new user of one (1) platform to leverage the other to quickly load buildings, floors, rooms and people, drastically reducing set-up time of the newer system.

Mall Project
The latest version of Accordant contains a number of features designed to make Shopping Mall management visual and easy to read. As you would expect, a simple floorplan driven interface allows users to fully interact with mall layouts and position key items such as emergency exits, fire equipment, etc. Use the drag and drop interface to position store tenants, mark items as reserved or under construction, etc. and run full reports showing vacant areas and stores by type. A live link with Progenesis allows the uploading of lease / financial data for visual reporting of upcoming lease renewals: subsequently identifying areas that are thriving and stores that may be heading for financial difficulty.

Our Thoughts

The CadM team has been sharing their thoughts and ideas to provide quality, thought provoking content about what we’ve all been experiencing in our personal and professional lives.

With many companies now returning to the office for at least a few days a week, we focused on issues of return: giving you the new vocabulary to understand new water cooler conversations, sharing memories of the pandemic.

We also looked at ‘The Office’ one of the most binge-watched shows of the pandemic. Was your way of working like theirs?

If you enjoy the types of narratives we are publishing, please feel free to contribute YOUR content ideas or issues around what is keeping you up at night for our authors to address. As always, we appreciate your feedback. Send you ideas to

We invite you to read more of our stories here.

Case Study

We just posted an impressive case study following an in-depth discussion with a very satisfied Facility Manager of a global advisory and project management firm.

A global advisory and project management firm with 14 offices and 900+ employees: Facility Manager interviewed has accountability over six (6) domestic locations with approximately 530 staff in 65k square feet working office space.

“…the software has been great in overseeing our corporate headquarters and other locations. I am constantly playing with and using the software, reporting back any issues or concerns that are quickly addressed.”

Read the full case study here.

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