The workplace is more than a single location

A hybrid workplace combines the office, home and work from anywhere. No longer confining employees to a set of 4 walls, many organisations are embracing the hybrid policy to drive productivity and create a more flexible work / life balance. Accordant gives you the tools to manage when and where your employees will be entering the office.

Let’s take a look at the most common questions surrounding hybrid workspace:


Where are all the people going to go when they get back?

Accordant includes easy “What if” drag & drop planning, so you can try out various layouts whilst the live drawings stay intact.


Who is coming in and how often?

Accordant lets you plan agile space, everyone can use the easy bookings application from their mobile device and even guests can have an assigned desk.


What if we decide to completely change the layout?

Accordant’s schema planning feature allows you to try out new layouts for testing before they become live in the system.


With new work patterns, how will I know when I need more space?

Accordant has an intuitive Strategy module including tools to predict when you will run out of space and an easy to use stacker tool to quickly plan future space.


How well are the new designs being used?

Accordant has inbuilt survey tools allowing you to track utilisation and activity to test changing work patterns.


How can we plan around flexible schedules?

Accordant has easy shift creation for multiple work-patterns. Distancing measures per building can be used to ensure the safety of your employees.


How do we measure new workspace types?

Accordant lets you analyse space usage by traditional space types, totals by cost centre, collaborative, hoteling, social, patient care, teaching or …actually anything you choose.

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If you want to find out more about Accordant and how it can help you plan your hybrid workplace contact us today.