Healthcare space management software enables all healthcare providers to manage their space. Accordant gives you the tools to do this from one easy-to-use system. In the UK, The Carter Report recommends all estates and facility departments operate with a maximum of 35% non-clinical floor space and 2.5% of unoccupied or underused space.

Using our healthcare space management software you can easily determine if your Trust is operating within these benchmarks, and identify areas for improvement. Quickly identify rooms within your estate and assign a purpose to that space to better manage their facilities.

Share Information

Share occupancy and utilisation data between key stakeholders for informed decision making. Our 100% web-delivered system offers multiple levels of permissions for easy viewing of up-to-date information.

Quickly create PDF’s of visual information to show to key stakeholders and share with the rest of your team.

Estate Strategy

Estate strategy and investment planning is made simple with Accordant. Our browser based solution offers a wide range of functionality to ensure you extract maximum value from your assets now and in the future.

With multiple tools for strategy, including space and moves, you can manage your space from one system.

Healthcare space management software

Download the Healthcare Brochure

Healthcare Brochure

Space Purpose

Interactive floor plans allow for rapid space purpose assignments, completely independent of type and assignment such as clinical, non-clinical or leased.

Floor plan visuals allow unassigned space to be identified quickly. With the option to have multiple users those on the ground at each location can make small changes to ensure your data is kept up-to-date.

Instant Reporting

Create accurate reports, including CSV spreadsheets of data or PDF’s of visual floor plans and statistics. Select reports directly from the web, without CAD, referencing specific floors, buildings or departments. Accordant includes a number of standard reports that can be used immediately after set up.