We have been proudly working with the financial sector for more than 25 years. Our users around the globe include: Investment & Retail Banks; Brokers and Inter-dealer Brokers; Asset Managers and Credit Asset Managers; Private Equity Firms; Investment Managers and Insurers.

You have a unique set of workplace challenges: Accordant provides powerful, simple and flexible space management software for your current requirements and for whatever the future holds… because sometimes there is more to planning than just putting twenty-somethings on bean bags.

Space Allocations & Usage

Create monthly reports for all your space usage & assignments down to the last square inch broken into complex, multi-tiered departmental structures.

Accordant has the out-of-the-box and custom-built reports and exports you need for simple, accurate and swift reporting.  

space allocations report

drag and drop move planning

Move Planning

With high value real estate in CBD locations, we know it’s difficult to relocate to another building or spin up a remote site for your traders when space gets tight.

Moves are a fact of life and Accordant’s hugely popular specialist system lets you plan, test, publish and execute moves with minimum disruption.

So, if it’s a “what if”, new starter, team move or complete HQ relocation featuring front and back office staff you can trust the capabilities that has been moving the financial sector since the 1990s.

Automated Office Grade Reporting

With automatic, configurable office grading, you can see up to the minute stats for small / large, internal / external or corner offices.

Quickly determine which offices are open: based on office grade, and who is using them by employee type, level or department.

You will always know how many SVPs have external offices!

automated office grade report

Strategic Planning

Block, stack and plan with Accordant’s interactive stacking tool. Drill right down to desk types or individual space types for effective planning.

Test the impact of social distancing or hybrid working building by building. Discover a range of reports, metrics and KPIs for density, capacity, agility and key stats like private offices or meeting rooms per 100 staff.

Predict when you will run out of space on a particular floor, or when you can close a building as usage runs down. Ready-to-use features allow you to complete any strategy plan.

strategic planning for finance

Track Historic Workstation Allocations

Using the power of Accordant, you can keep historical records of where people have been seated, pre, during and post Pandemic.

When you need to know ‘who sat where’ you can find out instantly and run detailed reports that can be linked to archived storage boxes.

Compliance tracking also lets you determine which colleagues have access to privileged information, and evaluate current or proposed layouts accordingly.

Disaster Recovery

Set up DR locations on fully functional floor plans with key staff assigned.

Secondary locations will remain intact, whereby current assignments are maintained for day-to-day use.

These plans will be an invaluable aid for evaluating and testing recovery plans, as well as keeping staff informed of pending changes.

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