CADM Transports 80 person office

CAD Management exhibited a model office built entirely from Lego at the CoreNet Global Summit in San Diego on 31st April and 1st May. The 75” x 45 “ model is a scale replica of a floor of the Man Yee building in Hong Kong built from 9,000 Lego bricks which took 5 months to complete at CADM’s UEL office.
The exhibit was a huge hit with convention-goers who came from across the United States to discuss Corporate Real Estate issues and were keen to see how a UK software company could “fit 80 office staff into a single 15 foot booth!”. The 80 mini-figures in the model were individually designed by CADM with many crafted to represent staff and partners of the company, some of whom were equipped with full-size business cards to present to visitors.
Representatives from a variety of major US corporations visited the exhibit including Intel, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Oracle, Pfizer, Cisco, DuPont, FedEx, Pepsi and Coca Cola. Camera phones were much in evidence as people took pictures for their children (and themselves) and most stayed to discuss the serious issues of space utilisation and sustainability addressed by CADM’s software products.
CADM’s Alan Rose said “We were delighted with the response to the model, it attracted attention and was fun for CoreNet attendees but it was also a perfect way for us to show our software working on an office environment that is immediately to hand – albeit in miniature.”

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Leigh McCullagh