CADM Lego Office shows at the Olympic Training Grounds

The Lego Model

The CADM Lego Office holds an 80 person working display which was showcased at The University of East London, one of the London 2012 Olympic Training Grounds. The model, which took 5 months to build, has roughly 8,000 lego bricks and measures 1m x 2m. It was visited by UEL staff and tenants of the Knowledge Dock Business Centre, as well as local press.

The office design was based on the Man Yee building in Hong Kong, and is a scaled version of a working office. The model is complete with desks, computers toilets, vending machines filing cabinets and many other elements to make it look like a real floor of a building.

The model was built to assist CADM in demonstrating their software, there are 80 staff on this floor each with their own desk. The model can demonstrate the People Finder element of the software, Floor Monitor to analyse utilisation, Move Manager and the Accordant Anywhere Android Application. Surveys can also be completed on utilisation and assets. The model has a working barcode system, each desk and every asset has a barcode on it which can be read using a barcode reader, which can then be seen in the application.

Earlier in the year CAM took the model to the CoreNet exhibition in San Diego where it was received with great excitement. The model will be on show at other exhibitions later this year including CoreNet Orlando in October 2012.

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Leigh McCullagh