If you have implemented flexible work schedules then you will need a set of tools to manage when people will be coming in. Accordant has both PC and mobile booking capabilities to allow everyone to reserve the resources they need. Encourage collaboration by searching for a team members booking to make sure you are in the same day and location. The mobile application was created with HTML5, and therefore capable of operating on Android, Apple and Microsoft Devices. Easy to use, it is included within the standard Accordant subscription at no additional cost. Existing users can add the app, and almost immediately start booking workspace.

Book a Desk

Allow employees to book a hot desk or hotel desk directly from their PC or mobile device. Search for available desks in a particular building or floor to quickly identify available positions. Social distancing can be taken into account with helpful traffic light colour indications of conditions that would not meet pre-set rules regarding safe practices.

Book My Desk

Occasionally, teams may need to meet outside of normal shift patterns. To ensure social distancing perimeters, employees see a calendar of their own desk against available time slots. This allows them to use their work area without breaking safe distancing regulations.

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Our easy to use mobile application means that you can book a desk from any locations.

Find Bookings

Search for an employee to see the future bookings they have made. Filter by date, building and floor to find team members for collaboration. Easily book a desk for yourself in the same location and on the same day.

Collaborate With Each Other

Quickly find people to add to your collaborators bus. Make bookings and assign them to your collaborators for easy team working. Managers can make sure that their teams are in when they need to be and that they are positioned together.

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