Workplace dynamics revolve around being in the office, at our desks, and when we collaborate.

Although fewer of us are doing this simultaneously, a powerful booking tool is essential. With limited distancing perimeters, select team members might still require a vacant desk that satisfies their personal preferences.

It would be best if you had the Accordant booking solution.
Give your employees the power to view desk availability against occupancy and the assets assigned to that desk or workspace.

Accordant mydesk booking screenshot

Book a Desk

Allow Your teams to select and secure a hot / hotel desk of their choosing. They can search for availability in a particular building, on a specific floor, or a select neighborhood.  Occupied positions are clearly displayed, whereby desks available for booking will be color coded to show distancing.

Red = Stop (already booked or is too close to other booked desks)

Amber = Caution (questionable distance from other desks)

Green = Go (safe distancing from other desks)

Team Empowerment

Teams working in shifts or on alternate schedules can optimize the workspace based on availability. Booking online allows groups to secure collaborative space by floor, department, or division.

Select a shift, conference room, or neighborhood on a floorplan reflective of when and where you want to find your co-workers. Once secured, invite your co-workers into the workspace for team collaboration.

Team collaboration in the office

Download the Bookings Brochure

Accordant Brochure
Bookings screenshots - PC and mobile

Locating Bookings

The bookings tab shows a live list of which employees have booked what location, so you can see where your team is. Bookings allow teams to be aware of where their colleagues are, even when they aren’t together.

Be aware of who is in your office, whether at a hot desk or their desk and the times they are there.

Collaboration Happens

Our collaboration feature allows managers to book hotel / hot desks, then transfer the booking to their team members.

Adding collaborators is simple and means booking is even easier. Collaboration is a handy tool when planning for your team.

Collaboration in the office

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