Facility managers everywhere are working to get people back into the office in the safest and most efficient way possible after the Covid-19 lockdown. Accordant’s development team has created a Back to Work Toolkit with brand new features and quality information our clients can use during the transition planning phase. Using the already available data which is stored in Accordant a user can: plan shift working based on proximity; allow employees to book their own desk or bookable resources from a mobile application; create automated recommended distancing reports for locations; show vital points of interest to all staff members; and easily compare the number of staff to available desks.

Book My Desk

Occasionally, teams may need to meet outside of normal shift patterns. To ensure social distancing perimeters, employees see a calendar of their own desk against available time slots. This allows them to use their work area without breaking safe distancing regulations.

Shift Manager

Quickly plan shift patterns based on recommended social distancing to optimise your workspace. Select people to add to a shift by floor, department or division. Visually check and alter shifts on a particular floor to ensure social distancing is considered at all times.

Back to Work toolkit Shift visual

Download the Back to Work Toolkit Brochure

Social Distance Planning

Quickly see visualisations of usable and non-usable desks based on recommended social distancing in your region. Make informed decisions on where people can be moved and which circulation routes should be avoided. Users can immediately understand where problem areas are located and where high capacity zones might be an issue due to the universal traffic light system.

Book a Hot Desk

Allow employees to book a hot desk or hotel desk directly from their mobile device. Search for available desks in a particular building or floor to quickly identify available positions. Social distancing is taken into account with helpful traffic light colour indications of conditions that would not meet pre-set rules regarding safe practices.

Download the Back to Work Toolkit Brochure

Safety Equipment Locator

Easily add points of interest to a floor plan. Newly installed health and safety equipment such as hand sanitisers can be found by all. Directional arrows means employees can easily see if a corridor is one or two directional when returning to the office.

Capacity Predictor

Take a quick overview of seatable locations in every building. Use our new tool to view an estimated amount of usable locations once social distancing is applied. Instantly compare counts to the number of employees allocated to each floor.