Accordant Partners

With a proven track record of delivering space management solutions, Accordant partners are vital in what we’ve done for 25 years.

Our clients range from businesses with a few hundred desks in one building to thousands of staff in multiple locations. The Accordant single software product is a strategic companion well suited to a successful partnership.

Add Value to Your Offering

Accordant is the easy and affordable way to enhance a client proposition when they require space management tools.

We provide exceptional services in desk bookings, moves, and changes. Easily upload PDF or CAD floor plans so clients can best prepare their workplace strategy.

Improve outputs while adding value to your service offering.

Single Use Projects

Widely preferred by workspace consultants worldwide, Accordant is perfect for one-off projects. You only pay for what you need, providing accurate utilization studies for rapid evaluation.

For complimentary providers offering maintenance services, the addition of Accordant provides extensive API capabilities, ease of integration, and low overhead. All of this, and more, are provided in one simple operating system.

Partner Options

We offer multiple partner options to suit every business model.

Referral Partnership

This partnership is ideal for service providers wanting to assist their clients in finding quality software best suited to their needs.

Integration Partnership

The perfect choice for software providers that understand Accordant will complement existing software.

Service Partnership.

A proven option for those that deliver workplace services but feel that they lack quality workplace management tools

Partner Engagement

Engage with CadM in a way that suits your business objectives.

If you’re seeking a SALES opportunity, the CadM team will show your clients how Accordant helps successfully manage any workplace. Your sales teams will also be able to incorporate professional space management into their offerings. We provide customized materials, e.g. sales demonstrations, ‘How To’ guides, and more.

If you’re seeking a DELIVERY relationship, include CadM professionals in the project team. Educate your team to explain the advantages of using Accordant so you can remain focused on simultaneously building corporate relationships.

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