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The user-friendly, effortless and affordable way to make your workspace 30% more efficient.

Accordant Floorplan

You Already Know How to Use it

You don’t need CAD skills and a degree in architecture to use Accordant. Our simple and intuitive drag-and-drop plans, easy to run reports and dashboards all form part of an interface that thinks like you do. We have all the tools you need to really understand your workspace and plan for its future growth.

Usability is Everything

Accordant is not licensed by user giving you the flexibility to give appropriate tools to everyone that needs them. Workspace management can be team work not just something a few experts do.

Access to Information
Everyone can have access to read-only information for directory services.
team administrators
Team administrators can have limited access to view and update their own information.
Drawing Management
Full drawing management capabilities separated from day-to-day tasks.

Does Size Really Matter?

Accordant is the only officespace software solution in use by organisations with fewer than 1,000 employees right up to the largest multi-nationals. It's simple, scalable and affordable.

Up to



Want to know where everyone sits and what space is available? Accordant can give you the answers you need.
scalable workspace management software
Scalable Workspace Software



Are moves becoming more complicated? With Accordant you can quickly plan and implement move scenarios.



Do you need to get a handle on your space? Accordant helps you keep track of your space and allocations with ease.
scalable office management

The Sooner The Better

Space Management
You'll be managing your space in just a few short weeks.
Agile Working
Upload drawings in half the time, with our innovative, optimal poly-lining system.
System Integration
Quickly input data through system integration or spreadsheets.

A Complete Solution

Multiple modules to manage all of your workspace needs. From creating and implementing moves, keeping track of your leases or simply searching for someone Accordant puts all of your workplace data in an easy to reach place.

Web Based

100% Web Based

A 100% web based solution to view information, make changes to current data and create a range of reports all through a standard web browser and best of all no 3rd party plug-ins are required. 

Does it Sound too Good to be True?

Contact us about our free trial programme. Give us a plan and some simple data and we will give you a fully functioning instance to evaluate.


The quick setup time of Accordant means that's an offer you won't find anywhere else.

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We've been helping people manage their workspace for over 20 years. We have frequently been used to replace other workspace solutions but in all that time we have never been replaced by another product. We are proud to build long term relationships with our clients, here are a couple who have had great successes using Accordant: