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Like all types of workspace a hybrid environment needs a trusted solution to manage the everyday. Combining office and remote / home working creates new challenges especially if you need to implement desk bookings, shifts patterns and your usual occupancy planning. Accordant workspace software can be used before, during and after the planning process to solve your space challenges.  

Hybrid working common questions for workspace software

User-Friendly Space and Occupancy Management

User-Friendly Space and Occupancy Management. The customer service has been outstanding and they seem to be committed to continual improvement and addition of new features to meet the ever-changing needs of FM/CRE professionals.

Accordant User

The software has been great

The software has been great in overseeing our corporate headquarters and other locations… I am constantly playing with and using the software, reporting back any issues or concerns that are quickly addressed.

Global Advisory and Project Management Firm

Solving the problem

With Accordant, we were solving the problem of lack of an automated location management system. We have realized the benefit of gained time because of the automation. The most impactful feature was the automated location management feature. Accordant is very easy to use. I was trained on it for a week and I was ready to go. Integration with our existing business processes was also very easy.

Temesgen H.

CAFM Specialist

Pricing is based on square footage

Pricing is based on square footage, not number of users, making the cost ‘really great’ for us as we anticipate our global offices to come on board this year. Implementation was easy, and the ‘how to’ sheets we created with CadM that simplified training manuals got our folks functional sooner than hoped.

Accordant User

It was the bus that sold me

It was the bus that sold me. I can put folks in, drag and drop them to proposed locations, and easily produce reports for executives in the C suite.

Jessica Fay, NB

I recommend Accordant

I have championed the product since the FM show in 2014 and recommend it to all Global FM & IT managers.

Workplace Service & Systems Manager, ASI

Excellent Workplace Management Software

Excellent Workplace Management Software. Fantastic software and great people to work with, 10 out of 10 first class service. The software is intuitive and easy to navigate, it can flex for small SMEs to Global companies.

Jackie Furey

Where Workplace Works

Back to Work Strategy

Accordant is underpinning our back to work strategy across the globe and is being seen and appreciated by the highest members of the company.

Accordant User

Accordant’s features are intuitive

Accordant’s features are intuitive and easy to learn, which has significantly reduced our training time for new users. Their user-friendly, web-based interface allows our employees to view floor plans or locate people and resources quickly and easily, right from their browsers. The simple drag-and-drop functionality makes occupancy updates virtually effortless for our FM team, and the new back to work toolkit has been absolutely fundamental in planning our company’s return to the office, post COVID-19.

Accordant User

Accordant (CADM) is worth the investment and more!

Accordant (CADM) is worth the investment and more!

Accordant User

Accordant Workspace Software Occupancy module

Accurate real time department and vacancy information available for everyone. Quickly move individuals who are found to be in the wrong location with one simple click.

Accordant Workspace Software move management

Simply plan visual, error-free people and equipment relocation and churn moves. Full project flow with automated documentation to send to everyone involved.

Accordant Workspace Software space management

Find out exactly how much space you have and how it is being used. Calculate departmental costs and manage agile work areas. Identify errors with your space and quickly update the data.

Accordant Workspace Software strategy module

Plan for future growth or reduction and identify when key crisis points might occur. Use the visual stacker tool to reconfigure your space efficiently and with ease.

Accordant Workspace Software utilisation module

Quickly collect data on your space to find out what’s really going on. Accordant’s unique visual utilisation heat maps and activity bubble maps are included as standard.

Accordant Workspace Software Bookings module

Desks can be easily booked using a PC or mobile device. Add collaborators and see when they are coming into the office. Transfer bookings to colleagues for team working.

Accordant Workspace Software Leases module

Keep all your lease documentation in one place. Quickly see when leases are due to expire or add notes for quick reminders.

Accordant Workspace Software Assets module

The simple asset management module allows you to keep all of your asset information in one place. Give your asset a type, locate it on a floor plan and even include a picture.

It is a 100% web-based solution to view information,

make changes and create a full range of reports.

Accordant integrates with your HR system and sensor providers to give you a full working picture of your space portfolio. We work with multiple partners who offer a variety of services to cover all of your workspace management needs. Our workspace management software can be a hosted solution or implemented on your own infrastructure.

Does it sound too good to be true?

If you would like a trial of our workspace management software, send us a floor plan and some simple data and we will give you a fully functioning instance to evaluate. Accordant can be quickly set up and made ready for use with your own data and drawings.